Stone Masonry Construction

Here at Delgado’s and sons enterprises, we offer stone masonry construction services. We construct natural stones bonded together with mortar is termed as stone masonry construction.

Get durability and weather-resistant properties of natural stone by making stony masonry. It will enhance elegance and aesthetics of your surroundings with a touch of oldest architecture of human civilization.

Most modern stone houses have stone faces, get yourself acquainted with trendy look the entire wall is not made of stone.

Uses of Stone Masonry Construction

Stone masonry construction Dallas Texas is epic depiction of high-level craftiness and dexterity. Stone masonry construction services are being used in

1. Building foundations, retaining walls, breast walls
2. Piers, pillars, and architectural works, footings Lintels
3. Beams, beams Arches, domes, Roofs and roof coverings.
4. Roofs and roof coverings.
5. Cladding Works, paving jobs and footpaths, dams, lighthouses.
6. Monumental structures, bridges, railway, ballast, blackboards and electrical switch.

Stone Masonry wall Construction

There are many types of stone masonry wall construction. The ashlar Masonry are accurately dressed stones with uniform and fine joints arranged in various patterns. While the rubble masonry is used either undressed or roughly dressed having wider joints. They can be further divided into un-coursed, coursed, random, dry, and polygonal, etc.

Stone walls can be constructed as dry walls or wet walls. We know very well that the gravity holds the wall together. For fences or retaining walls, drywall is used. These walls are laid without mortar. Stone masonry construction services provided by our professionals will make you proud of your settings.

Usually a bed of sand is used as a base then the stony layers are made. Relatively even faced stones are bonded in a row. Then as the height of the wall elevates the bottom course consists of large stones are tapered. Wet walls consist of a mortared bed.

The filling of inner side of a wall is done with crushed stones and mortar, which blocks the flow of air.

  • Prior to stone masonry construction, measurement of depth ranges from 1m to 1.5 m is taken and excavation of earth is started by the workers to make a trench.
  • Leveling of earth is done after digging the trench. Then for good drainage and in order to avoid dirt mixing while water flows through the wall, filter fabric is laid down in the trench.
  • The leveled drainage system is always assisted by a thin layer of crushed stone is laid in the trench.
  • Stacking of stones is done in this process, after arranging them flat from one end of the trench to the other. The joints are staggered between stones to create more stability.

Our experts at Delgado’s and sons’ enterprises, have worked hard with the round concrete stepping stones to create beautiful pathways in the garden area.

Magnum Stone has the horizontal and vertical hollow core design that reduces efflorescence problems. Magnum Stone units have excellent solutions for gravity. Geogrid retaining walls, soil nailing, and other types of wall structures provide superior flexibility.

It is ideal for residential and large commercial retaining wall project installations. Thus, helping the professionals in creating curves, corners, steps, and terraced walls.

Dear customers!
Stone masonry construction Dallas Texas have experienced professionals providing a perfect and superior drainage system with our company. We provide magnum stone which is a wet-cast concrete, big block retaining wall system. This stone offers high strength, low absorption and great resistance to weathering.

Stepping stones are available in a variety of popular styles, colors, and shapes to meet many design requirements.

Concrete stepping stones are an easy and inexpensive way to organize the pathways, planting areas, side walls, etc. They transform the unpaved areas and help in preventing the disturbances.

Planning is a prerequisite to beautiful construction. Plan your stone masonry construction and make your dream come true with our professionals, working in the field for more than two decades. Our work ethics and customer dealing are two strongest points helping us to stand out among our competitors list.

At Delgado’s and son’s enterprises, a professional team will guide you through the process of stone masonry wall construction. Get yourself a beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing ambiance, with architectural marvel by adopting stone masonry construction. For further details call us.

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