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Delgado’s and Sons have been in the construction business for more than two decades and this is through our experience that we handle a range of construction projects. One of such projects is stone masonry construction services. Stonemasonry is a tough job but our professionals deal with it in expertise rare in the market. This makes us one of the most reliable names in stonework construction. Our stone masonry work is like our commitment, strong and undefeatable! Contact us for our stone masonry construction services and get details of our amazing packages.

Delgado’s and Sons – A Reliable Name

Delgado’s and Sons Enterprises have built a name over the past decades by providing quality stone masonry construction services for both residential and commercial projects. Delgado’s is your contractor of choice because of the professional mason stone workers that we have onboard and the attractive projects that we have completed. We offer services in Dallas, Texas where a number of projects have been completed by Delgado’s and Sons Enterprises.

We believe in constructing mortar bonded natural stone to make your residential or commercial property look more attractive and natural in appearance. With stone masonry work you get your property secured from climatic effects and ensure that it is durable. This is not only important for durability but enhances the appearance and your property looks much better than it is before the stonework.

The elegance and aesthetic appeal of your property depend on your choice of selection of the type of stonework and the contractor. If the contractor is experienced, they will work on innovative designs for you and create designs that will look like the oldest of human civilization. Staying close to our roots is fascinating, try it once with Delgado’s and Sons Enterprises.

Our professional experience and lasting relationships with clients make us the best. We have worked on a range of stone masonry construction projects and created masterpieces that are both excellent in quality and innovation. Hire experts for your stonemasonry construction project and make it a piece of charm for visitors. We believe in professionalism and excellence!  

We begin the process by meeting our client and discussing the details of the project. This in-person meeting ensures that the budget is discussed, and the details of the project are fully analyzed.

Uses of Stone Masonry Construction

We are one of the most trusted names in stone masonry construction Dallas, Texas. Our works are masterpieces of intricacy, dexterity, and craftiness. Some of our stone masonry services are available for:

  • Building foundations
  • Retaining and breast walls building
  • Footing lintels, architectural works, piers, and pillars construction
  • Roofs and roof covering construction
  • Paving jobs, cladding works, footpaths, dams, lighthouses
  • Construction of monumental structures, bridges, railway ballast, electrical switch, blackboards.

Almost all of these services have use of stonework in them. Our professionals have years of experience working on a range of projects varying from home to commercial ones. We believe that the satisfaction of our client should be the priority and that has been our aim since we laid foundations of our business. It is because of the unending love of our clients for stonework that we remain in business and stonework remains in trend. We aim to keep this trend alive by providing quality work and ensuring that stonework charms the beholders.

It is the result of teamwork that the projects come to completion and we proudly present the finished work to the owner of the property. We stand tall today because our workers from those laying the first stone to finishing experts work in harmony with each other and care for our customers and keeping our values intact. We are here for you in the market and your trust keeps us moving.  

Stone Masonry Wall Construction

Stone wall construction is not an easy job. There are varieties in stone and types of installation. The various types of stones available in the market are dressed stones, rubble stones, roughly dressed stones, etc. Dressed stones are the finest of stones available in the market that don’t need much effort and can be easily installed where they are needed. These stones are made uniform and needn’t be trimmed. These stones have fine joints and can be arranged in various positions due to their fine joints.

In contrast to it, rubble masonry can be used roughly dressed or undressed. This type can be further categorized into coursed, random, dry, uncoursed, polygonal, etc. Walls made from stone are categorized as either wet walls or drywalls. These are based on the location and the type of wall. It is gravity that holds walls and for this reason, we ensure that we follow the proper procedure that the wall remains safe.

Drywall is used in the case of fences and retaining walls. In the drywall, there is no mortar. Our professionals will ensure that the drywall at your property is safe and of the best quality. Sand is used to make the bed for the rocks and using this foundation the layers of stone are strengthened. In contrast, mortar is used in wet walls. Wet walls’ blank spaces are filled with crushed stones and mortar. This blocks the flow of air and the wall remains strong.

The procedure we follow before and while doing the construction is as follows.

  • A trench is made before the construction of the wall. The measurement of the depth of the wall ranges from 1 meter to 1.5 meters.
  • Once the trench is dug, leveling is made. Proper arrangements are made for the flow of drainage and other necessities. Along with that filter, the fabric is installed.
  • Crushed stone is laid in the trench to ensure that the drainage of water doesn’t cause any issue by taking dirt with it.
  • Stones are stacked to ensure the strength of the wall.

Our workers have worked on creating beautiful stone pathways in the garden area. We use magnum stone which has a horizontal and vertical core design that reduces the problem of efflorescence. We have professionals who not only have worked on actual projects but have also trained other professionals in creating curves, steps, corners, terraced walls, etc. 

Stone Masonry Construction in Dallas, Texas

Stone masonry construction in Dallas, Texas is a flourishing business because of the customers’ interest in the stonework. Our professionals not only work on stonework for you, rather they work on the enhancement of your whole property making it secure and beautiful. They create a successful and perfect system for the drainage ensuring that the wall and whole property remains intact and in good condition.

Along with providing construction services, we deal in construction material for stonework. One of our main products is magnum stone that is wet-cast concrete. The pros of this stone are low absorption, high strength, and great resistance that it shows to harsh weather.

We don’t only focus on the quality but also ensure variety in color, design, and looks. We present stone on our demand to ensure that it pleases you. We ensure that there is no disturbance caused by our project and leaves you satisfied.

Range of Our Masonry Services

  • Artisan and Structural Masonry
  • High-end Residential Masonry, Commercial, and Winery
  • Additions and New Construction
  • Sustainable Green Building Practices
  • Custom Pavers, Stone Veneers, Pavers, etc.
  • Alteration, Restoration, Repair Services
  • Design Services

You can avail of all these services at a single call. Contact us and take benefit of our affordable and reliable services.

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