Stone Masonry Construction

Here at Delgado’s and sons enterprises, we do all kinds of stone masonry construction. We have built world-class stone masonry walls owing to our 20 years of experience in construction.

The construction of natural stones bonded together with mortar is termed as stone masonry construction. The inherent durability and weather-resistant properties of natural stone make it one of the oldest trades in human civilization. They have been used for building structures, monuments, cities, and sculptures around the world such as the ancient pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China and Greek and Roman ruins. Most modern stone houses have stone faces only, usually the entire wall is not made of stone.

Uses of Stone Masonry Construction

1. Building foundations, retaining walls, breast walls
2. Piers, pillars, and architectural works, footings
3. Lintels, Beams, beams Arches, domes
4. Roofs and roof coverings.
5. Cladding Works
6. Dams, lighthouses, monumental structures, bridges
7. Paving jobs and footpaths
8. Railway, ballast, blackboards and electrical switch

Types of Stone Masonry wall construction

1. Rubble Masonry: The stones used are either undressed or roughly dressed having wider joints. They can be further divided into uncoursed, coursed, random, dry, polygonal and bint.

2. Ashlar Masonry: These are accurately dressed stones with uniform and fine joints arranged in various patterns.

Stone Masonry wall Construction

Stone walls can be constructed as dry walls or wet walls. For fences or retaining walls, drywall is used. The walls are laid without mortar. The base is usually a bed of sand and the first layer of stones, the bonding stone is faced relatively even. The bottom course consists of large stones and then tapered as the height of the wall increases. Gravity holds the wall together.
Wet walls consist of a mortared bed. The inside of the wall is filled with mortar and crushed stones. Mortar prevents the flow of air.

Step 1:
Prior to the construction of stone masonry, the design is mapped out by excavating a trench with depth ranges from 1m to 1.5 m.

Step 2:
After the trench is dug and prepared, the earth is leveled. Filter fabric is laid down in the trench that keeps dirt from migrating while allowing water to drain through your wall.

Step 3:
A thin layer of crushed stone is laid in the trench to help level stones and assist drainage.

Step 4:
The largest stones are laid first. They are laid flat from one end of the trench to the other. The stones are then stacked upon each other.

Step 5:
The joints are staggered between stones to create more stability.

Step 6:
The area behind the wall is filled with crushed stone and dirt to provide compaction. The filter fabric is kept between the fill and stonewall.

Step 7:
Lastly, the filter fabric is folded back over the fill dirt area. The wall is finished by using topsoil, mulch or gravel.

Concrete stepping stones are an easy and inexpensive way to provide pathways to planting areas, create access through unpaved areas and help prevent disturbance in sensitive areas. Concrete Stepping stones are available in a variety of popular styles, colors, and shapes to meet many design requirements. Here at Delgado’s and sons’ enterprises we have worked with round concrete stepping stones to create beautiful pathways in the garden area.

Magnum Stone is a wet-cast concrete, big block retaining wall system that provides high strength, low absorption and great resistance to weathering. Their horizontal and vertical hollow core design reduces efflorescence problems and provides superior drainage.

Magnum Stone units provide excellent solutions for gravity, geogrid retaining walls, soil nailing, plantable and other types of wall structures and provide superior flexibility in creating curves, corners, steps, and terraced walls. It is ideal for residential and large commercial retaining wall project installations.

If you’re considering new commercial or residential construction, Delgado’s and son’s team will guide you through the process of stone masonry wall construction. We can help you plan and build the stone masonry construction that fits your requirements with quality materials and outstanding service. Call us for details.