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Concrete Driveway Repair

Concrete Driveway Repair

A concrete driveway will last for 15-25 years, but it can develop cracks, discoloration, settlement, and scaling. It can be due to improperly built foundation and concrete slab or poor concrete mixing. Erosion is a common cause of sunken concrete and it washes away soil from under your driveway, creating a void or space under the concrete slab. Poor yard drainage can make erosion worse. A heavy load can cause sections of the driveway to sink and crack over time.

Patio Extension

Are you planning on making a patio extension on your property? Contact Delgado’s & Sons Enterprises to get reasonable prices and great quality. Our staff is more than ready to provide you with first-class results thanks to the many years of experience. Contact our team today and get a free estimate for the service that you are most interested in.

Patio Extention
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Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is not only a functionality, in many cases, a retaining wall can be to increase the aesthetics of a property. Here in Delgado’s & Sons Enterprises we have been building retaining walls for over 20 years. Contact our team today if you are making retaining wall projects for your commercial or residential property! The walls that we built are known to be of the highest class.

Driveway Replacement/Addition

Di you need in making your driveway bigger or maybe replace the one that you already have installed? Contact Delgado’s & Sons Enterprises today! Our team has been building, repairing, replacing, and expanding driveways for over 20 years. We have the right staff, tools, and experience needed in order to provide you with the best quality.

Driveway Replacement

Concrete Masonry Construction

The concrete masonry units are laid with cement mortar, which binds them together to create a composite structure. There are many types of masonry walls but the most common is the concrete masonry unit (CMU). They are frequently used in the construction of commercial, residential buildings, and factories.

Stone Masonry Construction

The construction of natural stones bonded together with mortar is termed as stone masonry construction. The inherent durability and weather-resistant properties of natural stone make it one of the oldest trades in human civilization. They have been used for building structures, monuments, cities, and sculptures around the world such as the ancient pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China and Greek and Roman ruins. Most modern stone houses have stone faces only, usually the entire wall is not made of stone.

stairs contruct

Pergolas Construction

Looking to increase the beauty and value of your commercial and/or residential property? A pergola will do the trick. Here in Delgado’s & Sons Enterprises, we have many styles and designs for you to choose from! Contact Delgado’s & Sons Enterprises today and get a free estimate for your upcoming pergolas project!

Pool Deck Construction

Our world-class designers assure you a high-quality pool deck construction. Get an extraordinary experience with the most construction professionals in Texas.We will meet you, visit your site and listen carefully to fulfill your dreams. Proper planning and thoughtfully designed patterns are the harbingers of our professional expertise and success. Add value and enjoyment to your swimming pool experience by taking help from our experts.

Pool Deck Construction

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