Pool Deck Construction Services

Pool Deck Construction

Swimming is an art and science simultaneously. It is considered the best and  complete exercise that can be performed by almost every age group in their routine life. This good habit becomes a leisure activity when your pool is decorated with various designs and paintings. Different attractive pool designs are available in the market to make your pool an extraordinarily enjoyable spot. There are a variety of ways you can make your pool luxuriant and eye-catching. But experts are required and nowadays it is very difficult to find affordable professionals. We can found many pool deck construction services available in the market to construct or repair your pool. It is hard to decide the one.

Some pools are made of concrete whereas others are made of wood having a wood deck. So, to avoid confusion about what to choose and what not to prefer. Hire the best pool deck construction services providers such as We are not only constructors but also provide pool repair, pool deck resurfacing, building a pool deck, and construct a wood pool deck.


Concrete Pool Deck Construction


Looking for professionals to give a new look to your old pool. We are here to spice up your old pool and we will transform it into a new, refreshing, and attractive look. We are here to serve you the best concrete pool deck construction services within your pocket comfort and adjustment of your time.

Concrete pool deck construction is to be used for in-ground pools. Their structure is made by digging into the ground or constructing below the ground level. Unlike wood decks, they often need maintenance instead of repair or resurfacing services. This type of pool is simple and easy to enjoy with the entertaining area outside.

There are some steps to be followed to make a concrete pool deck.

Pool Deck Construction

Measuring the Deck area: Firstly, you have to measure the area of the deck to identify the needs of materials. The perimeter to measure that is to be inside your boundary. Now measure outside areas of the deck. Finally, take 5-6 inches of space to be measured extra for taking your concrete to be set.

Lay the frame: After determining the measurements of your pool deck area, take out your supplies to be used at the pool,  now make a frame of the boundary to be filled by concrete to make a pool deck. Must plan a sidewalk to make the concrete not be outside of the wall boundary. Start your work from the outside frame.

Pour sand and concrete: Now it’s time to fill the pool. Start to spread the sand and concrete evenly in the pool inside the boundary of a pool ground. Make the layer even and smooth to be relaxed when swim. Pot the concrete into the frame and make it evenly filled.

Finish Concrete: Next is the texturizing time. Now, spread the broom by pushing on the floor to texturize the floor of the pool.  It will avoid people slip into the pool. Now let the concrete dry. After that pull out the wood frame to finalize your work.

With all the above instructions and measurements, it would be suggested to hire a pool deck construction service like delgadosandsonsenterprisesllc. We have years of experience with a team of professionals that complete their job well. Also, we have a pre-cost estimation session to realize the budget for your pool job. We are also flexible with your time and schedule the task as per your availability.


Best Pool Deck Coating


Mentioned below are the most popular pool deck resurfacing options. Concrete pool deck paint: When it comes to resurfacing, pool deck paint is the best and most inexpensive option. It is easy to apply and demands simple maintenance of this paint with a lifeline of a year.

Spray texture overlay: Spraying is the most interesting and popular choice. This type offers a great feature that is comfortable and easy to apply. You can also apply different colors, effects, and personalized designs. It is also known as a cool deck finish.

Stamped concrete overlay: It is a smart way to fix your damaged concrete surface. It is also known as a decorative component. Although, it is more expensive than other options but a long-term investment that turns out to be cost-effective.

Many overlay products are blend resins with cement, sand, and other additives for improving performance. It is also used as slip resistance and also can bond to the concrete. Some special coatings are used to work against damage from pool chemicals, salt, freeze-thaw conditions, UV exposure, and abrasion.

The Cost of Pool Deck

Resurfacing is the most cost-effective and affordable technique than replacing a pool deck. One more thing, the cost of resurfacing will be raise as per customization raised. The repair of the pool deck can be expensive but opting for experienced workers in the market, can help you devise an affordable plan. So, get yourself acquainted with a super classy pool deck with an elegant look by hiring us. We ensure clients’ satisfaction by delivering the right work at the right time and within the budget of our customers.

Pool Deck resurfacing:

Are you exhausted from your old pool deck? Or do you want to resurface your pool deck? Do you need alternative to the pool deck repair? We know its difficult but here are we with all our experienced team to help you out with many options. It’s easy with several choices in it. The delgadosandsonsenterprisesllccan boost up your old pool deck to a new one without tearing out the earlier.

Resurfacing a pool deck is a process in which either we can repair damaged concrete surfaces or bring them up to date. When we apply an overlay product, it would add strength to your deck. The thin layer of cement, polymer resins, and sand are the types of overlays.With the advancement of technology, there is also a new stream of ideas that has jumped into the pool deck construction. Below are the steps in making the surface available for pool deck resurfacing


  • Prepare: Check the surface it might be treated with chemicals.
  • Clean: Clear the pool from any debris or dust. Clean it with the broom and then use water pressure to clean the surface.
  • Mix: To make a smooth look, use integral colors with overlay products.
  • Apply: The material should be applied either by decorative treatments or by the trowelled or sprayed.
  • Seal: Now it’s time to sell your work. It would be maintained for 1 year. From a variety of coatings, use the one which is dry quickly and applied well.

Building a Pool Deck


Every pool has a pool deck as its compulsory part. It does not only work as the pool deck but also as a guard of the surroundings of a pool.  Moreover, all the dirty feet are clean here and thus saving your track. Wood pool deck is popular in decking and fencing as well. Now, you might have some questions like what type of wood is best for a pool deck? Or do you want to know more about the properties of wood such as waterproofing, durability, pest-resistant, mold-resistance, treatment, and cost?

The above questions can be considered a checklist that should be followed to choose the best wood. The choice will help you to find the best wood for your Wood Pool deck. Here are some popular woods available to make your pool deck. They are mentioned with their features to be applied.

Pine Wood:

  • Weakest but cheapest
  • Better in treated
  • No foot burns coz Doesn’t absorb heat
  • Can require more maintenance

Teak Wood:

  • More durable than pine
  • Bugs and mold resistance
  • Style and value bearer
  • Strong maintains

Cedar Wood:

  • Less so than teak, more durable than pine
  • Beautiful looks
  • Pests and weather resistant
  • Most of the same properties but cheaper than teak

Mahogany Wood:

  • Elegant and Marvelous
  • Durable
  • No maintenance need
  • Cost expensive

With all the above description, it is suggested that you must avail services of pool deck construction services such as the delgadosandsonsenterprisesllc to make your work done in time. Get pool deck repair and pool deck construction services in no time and in an affordable way by contacting us. We are available 24/7 and work hard for your contentment. So, join us to get all your required services, guidance, and help.

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