Pool Deck Construction

The Delgado’s and sons team of outstanding design professionals has access to the finest tools, latest equipment, newest technology and most experienced construction teams in Texas. Our designers will meet you, visit your site and listen carefully while you describe your goals. With proper planning and thoughtful design work, it is amazing how much value and enjoyment you can add to your swimming pool experience.

What Is A Pool Deck?

Pool deck also known as pool patio is the space where you place lounge chairs, tables and other pool/backyard furniture. It creates a fun gathering place for family and friends. It gives you a place to sunbathe and dine at poolside. It not only creates a beautiful relaxing place but you can also host a bbq grill party at the pool.

What Are The Materials Used To Create A Pool Deck?

Pool deck can be created with a variety of materials.

A concrete pool deck also called cement pool deck is one of the popular and affordable choices because it provides a safe and slip resistant deck. Decorative concrete can replicate slate, stone or even wood that complements the exterior of your home and also raises the cost of your house. They can be broom finished or stamped. There is also stenciled, colored concrete, rock salt finished concrete and concrete pavers to choose from.

Film-forming sealers are most often used for decorative concrete work that will prevent the intrusion of water, chlorides and harmful pool chemicals. A slip resistant additive is added to the sealer to improve traction and also give a smooth feel underfoot. Sealer also prevents fading caused by UV rays and protects it from stains.

Wooden decks are low-cost, easy to work with and create a beautiful, natural appearance. Wood can be high on maintenance requiring the process of staining and sealing regularly to prevent color loss and damage.

Composite wood appears like wood but is actually made from plastic-like synthetics. It requires practically no maintenance at all. It won’t fade or splinter but it is more expensive than traditional wood.

Stones are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and withstand all types of climates. It is durable and require zero maintenance. Stone provides non slip surface and is durable. But they are also the most expensive option.

Construction of Concrete Pool Deck

Local building permits are required before proceeding with pool deck construction.The steps required in constructing a concrete pool deck is briefly overviewed:

1. Measure the deck area
The perimeter of your pool is measured and the outside perimeter that is decided for your deck is also measured.

2. Lay the frame
Exterior frame is laid by pounding the wooden frame into place and then the interior perimeter frames are also laid.

3. Pour Sand and Concrete
Sand is poured and spread evenly over the ground inside the frames. Then concrete is poured in between the frame and spread out evenly.

4. Finish Concrete
Concrete is now textured to avoid slipping on the cured and sealed concrete surface. We will make sure that the concrete has dried. The wooden frames will be pulled off.

The above mentioned steps will give you an idea about the work that is put in to build your pool deck. Installing a self closing gate may be necessary to prevent access for unsupervised children. The use gravel under the deck may help with water drainage.

Our experts at Delgado’s and sons enterprises will help you discover what your pool environment needs. They consider shape and contour, furniture size, aesthetics, resale value, drainage, safety precautions, location of the sun, and the colors and materials required to build state of the art pool deck design for you. Contact us for a free quote once you’re ready to have your pool deck constructed.