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Delgado’s and son’s enterprises offer patio extension services in a way that ostensibly represents the taste of the client. Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in the concrete business, delivering extraordinary work that stands out from competitors. We are one of the prominent names when you search for concrete patio extension ideas.

We provide our clients with a detailed scope of stamped concrete work to give you a glimpse of what we have to offer. We have handled exceptional concrete patio designs for many clients, both residential and commercial. In the USA 

Our experienced group contractors will guide regarding concrete roof extension over patio with step by step details from initial pad layout, footing requirements, and size to the placement of concrete.

What is a patio extension?

A Patio is an Extension of your home. You can have one around the pool area or near the yard. It can be of stone and wood, but if you’re looking for a more affordable and more functional method, concrete will do the trick. Patio umbrella extension pole is also in style, and it looks trendy as well. Get your commercial or residential area well acquainted with classy patios with modern looks by contacting a trustworthy and reliable patio extension services provider such as Delgado’s and son’s enterprise.

Why choose a stamped concrete patio?

Stamped Concrete Patio can be molded into any shape to fit your needs or creative ideas. There is a wide range of textures, colors, and stamped concrete patterns to choose from for the perfect patio repairing.

They can mimic brick, cobblestones, cracked earth, and also the weathered wood.

The patio umbrella extension pole also uses concrete because of its versatility and durability. These properties makes the concrete a great choice. Stamped concrete typically survives longer than regular concrete because it has more protective coatings that include a color hardener and a sealant applied to the surface. Concrete can withstand harsh weather conditions, and it can last longer than the usual materials like wood and stone.

With concrete, you don’t have to worry about grass and weed coming through grout or joints. It needs less maintenance as the stones won’t settle over time generating uneven surfaces.

Concrete is kept clean by scrubbing the patio with soap, using a broom to thoroughly clean it, and rinsing the suds off with a power washer hose.

The roof extension over patio can have aesthetic appeal because of stamped concrete, thus boosting the value of your home. One more advantage of concrete stamping is that it is economical compared to investing in traditional concrete materials like brick pavers.

What is a patio extension cover?

Patio extension is an attached structure that provides shade or rain coverage for a patio. It may have a rigid roof held up by posts. The patio covers extends directly out from the wall of your home. Its structure is usually a panel of aluminum fiberglass/PVC with a pole or post that supports the end away from the wall of the house.

Patio covers function as a definite space for the outdoor living area. They blend seamlessly with the house or garage. One of the main advantages of building a patio cover is that it provides shade to nearby windows that reduce indoor cooling costs. Moreover, the Patio umbrella extension pole is fitted by our skillful experts with various accessories such as outdoor lights, fans, and even home entertainment equipment.

Delgado’s and son’s enterprises aim to deliver a personalized patio roof extension to every one of our projects to ensure your happiness and contentment. We try our best to ease the work for you. Therefore increasing the benefit for you to the extent that you rightfully deserve. The roof extension over patio is also one such example of our extra ordinary work which provides extension and cover. We are determined to surpass your expectations with our extraordinary concrete patio extension ideas. Call us for a Free Concrete Patio Quote and enjoy the world-class experience.

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