Phases of Post Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is not considered as one of the key factors in building or renovation and is also becoming the ultimate goal for any clients looking to avail post-construction cleaning services. However, post-construction cleaning is not that easy to avail because it becomes extremely difficult at times to shortlist the phases of construction cleaning. There are several companies having certified professionals offering construction cleaning services but one of the most important things which people generally confused about is to understand different phases of post-construction cleaning services.

1. What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleanup service is all about cleaning the areas which are generally affected during the construction process however the process of post-construction cleanup service varies from company to company. This kind of cleaning is extremely important because it involves cleaning of the whole facility from top to bottom which also includes sweeping of floors and cleaning of the carpet along with multiple other services. Post-construction cleaning is also considered services which are generally done to renovate your buildings and construction contractors are generally aware of this complete process of cleaning however some of the most important requirements which you should always take care of during the process of post-construction cleaning are listed in this article.

2. Cleaning requirements needed to be taken care of

There are several cleaning requirements that are extremely important to be taken care of while looking for post-construction cleaning services from a certified and verified company are listed below:

1. The cleaning of walls is included in the list of requirements including power washing and cleaning of windows along with several other frames both inside and outside of the homes.

2. Dusting is also included in the list of requirements along with cleaning off ceiling fans and lights.

3. Trim cleaning and threshold cleaning along with vacuum cleaning or some of the top prioritized requirements by the homeowners.

4. Vacuuming a complete area of post-construction cleaning is required and is also listed in the requirements list.


The first and most important step is all about rough cleaning which includes the installation of electric work and most of all plumbing and framing as well. It generally includes the removal of larger items vision really causes debris and trash. The process of general sweeping is also included in this phase because it is considered the first phase of post-construction cleaning. It is always advised to look for professionals in order to avail the best possible phase one of construction cleaning at a very economical and reasonable price.


The second step is all about light cleaning in this three-step process of post-construction cleaning because it includes complete cleaning of rooms and living spaces with the help of cleaning equipment’s and modern tools which are generally available if you are looking to get certified services of post-construction cleaning from a verified company having license of post-construction cleaning. It also includes cleaning of installed items which includes mainly the sinks and toilets along with the cabinets of windows.


The final step of post-construction cleaning is considered as touch up cleaning which includes cleaning after several days for a reason because the dust and dirt may still be there after complete cleaning so the construction cleaning crew will help to clean and will help to pay much more attention for the final cleaning process as this process is specially designed in such a way so that it removes all the fingerprints and imperfections which are generally left on the earlier phases. Post-construction cleaning requires full-time attention and that is why the crew which provides post-construction cleaning services must have complete knowledge about the work and equipment they generally used for the cleaning process so that no area remains untouched.

If the construction contractors do not have cleaning services or equipment’s required for providing post-construction training, then clients generally look for much more professional cleaners having complete idea about their works for that both the inner and hidden sections of not just the buildings but also their living spaces cannot be overlooked and provided with best possible post-construction cleaning services by prioritizing customer services.

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