The word ‘masonry’ is a term used in construction. It basically refers to a concrete masonry construction method that uses individual units, like stone and brick, often bound together with mortar.

It is a centuries old method of construction that is seen in the architectural world since the beginning of time.

The reason why masonry building materials are still so popular in the community is because it has an incredible number of advantages. Keep reading and you will find them!

This website has made it its mission to prove to you that concrete masonry building is your best investment.

All the questions such as what is the difference between concrete and masonry, and is concrete considered masonry, etc., that may come to your mind has been answered by this very detailed article.

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It is a widely used construction material that is made of cement, water and aggregates and it is set into place i.e., it hardens with exposure to air and gives rise to a structure devoid of units. It is also known as brickwork or stonework; it is a product of individual units that may be stone or bricks or blocks that are bound together by mortar into a monolithic structure.
It is usually poured into specific molds to form floors and walls Masonry walls are built substance by substance such as brick by brick, or stone, spreading a layer of mortar on the top of the laid out bricks then continuing this until the desired height is reached by the construction company.


The majority of the clients who are new to the architectural world, and are looking for the best products for the best prices to construct their homes or offices, come across these doubts and we, as a company experienced in architectural products, would love to clear all these misunderstandings to make sure our clients know the level of transparency we like to maintain regarding our process and products.

So, to answer the question, is concrete considered masonry, this is true. Construction of poured concrete, is often also considered masonry.


We could go on forever elaborating the countless reasons why concrete masonry is the right choice for you, but we have managed to cut the list down to just fifteen.

Have a read through and let us convince you why you should contact us in delivering your concrete masonry building materials.

  • Extremely Robust:

Masonry is a heavy, strong, solid mass which is resistant to any type of damage such as dents from extremely bad weather such as heavy hailing, tornadoes and hurricanes, solids objects being thrown at it or from accidental acceleration of the car into the parking space. Due to the make up of bricks and stones, this gives it the high durability that you witness.

  • Non-Combustible:

Concrete masonry construction plays an advantageous role in case a fire broke out in the residence, since masonry is non-combustible, it will be able to protect the building from the damaging fire. This feature makes it highly economical.

  • Excellent structural integrity:

Due to its ability of maintaining incredible strength, it can used in roofing systems as it has a great capacity for mass holding. This feature helps in extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow and wind shears. It will maintain its structure to the best of its ability due to its composition.

  • Cuts down on insurance rates:

Considering the factors listed above, concrete masonry construction materials benefit by providing protection from fires, bad weather conditions and burglary attempts. This cuts down on insurance rates on a massive scale.

  • Wallet friendly prices:

Because the need for a large amount of concrete masonry is not necessary due to it being a one unit structure from start to finish.

  • Low maintenance:

Considering its high durability, time to time maintenance of concrete masonry construction is not needed. It will increase the life of the building.

  • Provides better insulation than other materials:

The thermal mass of concrete masonry walls provides insulation against the extremes of temperature. This helps in eliminating heating and cooling costs, once again proving to be economical in the long run.

  • Flexible in design:

These units are manufactured and delivered within a short period of time unlike other materials of construction. It can be adjusted easily even after the process of construction has started, making sure that no delays occur.

  • Safe for the environment:

Unlike other construction materials used in this industry, masonry does not contribute to air pollution by emittance of volatile organic compounds that may be harmful in large concentrations.

It is proven to be economical and environmentally friendly.

  • Sound blocking effect:

Due to its mass and rigidity, concrete masonry has the ability to reduce unwanted sound and noise coming into the house or office.

  • More valuable in resale:

If you are looking to resale the construction materials, you should know that masonry has way better resale value than others.

  • Preserves beauty of building longer
  • Has an admirable look
  • Longer lifespan
  • Easily available:

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This sums up the reasons why concrete masonry is the best investment in your construction project.

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