What Is Stone Masonry?

The stone masonry work Is simply known as a construction work that is bounded by stones along with mortar. In stone masonry work, the stones are generally found in abundance especially in the natural basis and after cutting and designing to a proper shape they are generally used for the economical purposes and materials especially for the construction of multiple components of a building for example walls and columns along with beams and number of other portions.

The stone masonry is normally considered as a very durable and strong work because it has ability to resist the weather also when they are compared with brick masonry, they are generally used for the construction of bigger building structures such as dams and lighthouse along with other marine structures as well.

stone masonry work

1.Types of Stone Masonry

The stonemasonry is generally considered as a constructional work and there are several types all stone masonry but at the same time depending upon the and nature of the work and constructional structure. But the three major types of stone masonry which are the most acknowledged ones are given below:

1.1 Rubble masonry

Rubble is simply composed of all the type of natural stones and the ones that are generally dressed and can permit under the laying structures of horizontal and vertical thick joints. It is mostly used for coast and uncoerced work where the stones are used for assessing and leveling the situation especially at the specified height along with the approximate horizontal surface.

Rubble stone masonry most of the time in uncoursed rubble, the stones are generally fitted together without any kind of regard for courses and that is why dry rubble are generally laid around the fixation area in low retaining walls and all those areas surrounding the slope walls.

Most of the retaining walls including the slope walls are miscellaneous structures and especially in part of the projects when they are used for rubble masonry. They generally fit around the areas having formal kind of masonry and that is why it is normally considered as a portion built from the stones in the nearby areas and for all those projects that look for attractive work when built it completely fulfills the major requirements and the field structures.

It is also known as a major thing in terms of beauty especially when job is well done along with the perfect composition and patron which is considered as a critical portion for better judgment and imagination. Sometimes smaller stones are generally used to fill the irregular places but most of the time larger ones are used to add the perfect pattern and shape for the deserving infrastructure and occasionally the size depends on the patron and regularity.

1.2 Ashlar Masonry

Ashlar is simply considered as a stone which is generally used for dressing and for permitting the laying of horizontal joints having thickness of about half inch. It is initially divided into 2 classes the first class is all about range and regular Ashlar which is also known as cut stonework along with some of the most acknowledged and understanding dimensioned stoned work.

It is generally made from the rectangular block cut which is then dressed and prescribe into the prescribed dimensions. The second one is known as broken Ashlar which is specially made up of cut to dimensions having equal thickness and then laid into the courses along with the dimensions and height given before the work procedure.

1.3 Square Stone Masonry

Square Stone Masonry is generally laid with the stone that is normally used to permit the laying having horizontal joints and is adopted with the same borders. As it is not dressed according to the finish so that is why it might require joints having thickness more than half inch along with the qualities of these stones which is why it is further divided into three major classes.

1.The first class is known as range masonry in which all these stones are used having same size in terms of height and length.

2.The second one is known as broken range in which the height of stones occasionally matched with the height of the overall course however the length may vary according to the gap.

3.The third one is simply known as random range in which both the height and length vary as per the irregular patterns.

Different types of stones and its uses

There is different type of these stones which are generally used for different purposes including the construction and repairment of the buildings. A stone is simply known as a natural substance which is made up of the minerals having solid aggregate.

Some of the major type of these stones include the grey Knights stone and common rock stones which are generally originated from the minerals and have large amount of usage in buildings. The underground construction is generally assembled with the help of these type of stones along with other type of rocks. The major group of rocks are known as metamorphic and sedimentary rocks which are then used for the multiple purposes of building and geographical research.

Different types of stones used in construction

There is different type of the stones which are generally used for the construction purposes and the most common and acknowledged one among all of them is known as basalt which has its own name especially in terms of stone masonry construction and Stone wall pattern types. This stone has almost 45 to 55% of silica and number of other minerals and the most common usage of this stone is in the marble floors.

Another type of this stone is known as red, green night which is also considered as one of the most intrusive igneous rock pattern stone having extremely elegant texture. It is generally available in number of colors depending upon the mineralogy and it is also used in the construction of floors and walls along with number of other constructional purposes.