What is a concrete driveway?

Also called a carriage path, a driveway is a clear space, generally in the exteriors of houses, to allow circulation and the garage of vehicles.It is an alley dedicated solely to car traffic. When it is made with concrete, we speak of a concrete driveway .Not only practical, but also very aesthetic, this concrete driveway will allow you to ride comfortably and will further beautify your home.

Disabled concrete driveway

The principle here is to build a concrete path so that cars can circulate on it.To do this, we adopt a coating method with concrete. In the case of natural terrain, before placing the concrete coating, the soil is tamped and compacted.In fact, for work of this type, particular attention is paid to the surface which must receive the coating.The surface must be flattened, leveled and sound to give a good rendering at the end of the work.This is why it is recommended to entrust the project to informed professionals, experts who know how to do it.In other contexts, there is a first sub-layer of concrete to adjust the surface before proceeding with the actual coating.Certain constraints related to the evacuation of rainwater often lead to the provision of a slope to drain the water, as well as small borders to channel its path.

Why choose concrete for your driveway?

There are a variety of materials on the market for making your driveway.But, if you are considering a nickel, sober and resistant result, opt for concrete. It is an essential material in terms of resistance and aesthetics.Many people remain skeptical of the beauty of concrete. Yet, it is the only covering material that gives you the opportunity to create your own decoration and design patterns.It is the only material that is not “ready-made” and that you can mold and shape according to your tastes and preferences.For those who are not too creative, companies today offer innovative and neat concrete models that can be used for the construction of motorized circuits.

Many other advantages derive from the choice of concrete.

  • It is relatively economical.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • It can last longer than you imagine if used under the right conditions.
  • It is strong, resistant and easy to install.
  • It offers many decorative possibilities.
  • concrete driveway prints

The different types of concrete for a driveway

Famous for its clean and at the same time lumpy appearance, it is obtained by mixing cement with gravel. The gravel is then placed visibly on the surface for an original and cheerful effect. Sanded concrete is a variant with the only difference that the grains are finer.

Raw concrete: timeless, soft and sober, it generally has a smooth, brushed or waxed appearance.

Forged concrete has the appearance of an ordered interlocking of matrices whose textures and shapes can be modified. With forged concrete, we can create driveways with the appearance of noble materials such as slate, granite stone etc.The colored concrete has a multitude of colors on the surface. Between a single-colored or multicolored aisle, the choice is yours.Draining concrete has the advantage of being non-slip and ecological. It is not the most beautiful, but it will exempt you from the municipal tax on non-draining soils.